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Color Challenge Shopping List

Welcome to the Color Challenge shopping list!

In the color challenge we will dive into advanced color as well as print and pattern mixing. Most of us will be working on this challenge during the summer season, but the color theories we will be exploring can be applied all year long, so feel free to adapt this to any season.

This month we will be working more with your closet staples. Feel free to bring them out and add whatever elements you'll need to play with colors in a fresh new way. Some great closet staples include:

  • Jeans
  • Scarves
  • Cropped pants
  • Print tops
  • Summery dresses
  • Tees and blouses
  • Cardigans

The challenge

To create varied, colorful looks that are unique to your personality and are a bit more polished than what the average person wears. Don't be shy to try new things and ask for opinions, we're here to help and support you as you experiment so you don't go wrong.

The key to this challenge is to accessorize with new accessories or accent pieces that feature more color or pattern.

You'll notice we kept the actual capsule clothes to as few pieces as possible that are easy to wear and mix. And that's because it's July and many of us will be traveling, so we wanted you to try advanced color techniques while having some good travel capsule options to work with for your summer vacation.

We'll also have fewer challenges that will be more challenging so you have time to think about them. And enjoy your summer, too! For those that want to explore, we invite you to go through the exericizes in the workbook that dive into color theory and go deeper into everything that you learned through Ruth's video training.

Lastly, we made this capsule a bit more neutral, since a big request from the group was on how to freshen up your everyday neutrals. We went bold and bright for June and you looked wonderful. Neutrals can be harder to coordinate in a fresh, colorful way, so we're going to build on your experience from last month.

Your first challenge is to try finding your own, signature neutral color

Instead of beige, black or brown, pick something different as your signature neutral like:

  • Denim or chambray blue
  • Modern grey
  • Crisp navy
  • Bold, indigo blue
  • Bright white
  • A favorite, updated pastel color like a dusty pink or earthy salmon color

How will you know how to pick a good, signature neutral?

Your choice should go with most accent colors and you can wear different shades of it together. Also reference Ruth's videos on neutrals.

The silhouette

We will continue with minimal styling and relaxed, flowy clothes to keep you feeling comfortable this season. Although the silhouette is relaxed, we still want to accentuate the best parts of you and will focus on:

  • the waist (via belts or tie-waist details)
  • the neckline (with v-neck tops)
  • looking taller and slimmer (layering jackets and flattering-length pants)

The selections will also be lightweight and easy to pack for traveling.

The capsule

You'll be able to create at least 10 different looks from these items. Adapt this capsule to your own style personality, body type, climate and color preference. We are looking for YOUR unique interpretation of each day's outfit, so take this as inspiration and show us what you can do!

The capsule pieces

Here is your shoppable capsule overview. I get into more detail below. Just click on the main image for each individual piece to go directly to it. You will find additional suggestions below each piece as well.


Sleeveless Shell

If you're doing the color challenge in summer, a sleeveless shell is wonderful for keeping you cool. Go with a simple blouse style for other seasons. For the color challenge, choose one with some print or pattern.

Your goal is to find one that has two or ideally 3 colors in the print or pattern that you can color coordinate with.

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Basic Tee Shirt

A simple tee shirt is a perfect foundation for more casual summer outfits. Look for a slimming, flattering v-neck style or one with small, special details or texture. The one below is very comfortable and a bit more polished because it's made with crepe. If you have a solid color sleeveless shell (or prefer one), that's also a good option.

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Sweater or Blouse

Depending on the season you're in, choose a sweater or blouse appropriate for the weather. There are many lovely sweater styles that are great even in summer and we'll focus on lightweight, natural fabric sweaters for this shopping list item. If you get too warm in even the lightest of sweater, feel free to substitute with a colorful blouse or cold shoulder top.

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Cropped Pant or Cropped Capri

A cropped pant is a 40+ Style Club staple because it's comfortable and flattering. For this challenge let's focus on a colorful pair. The ones featured are a must-have because they're affordable, come in a rainbow of colors and have a tummy-tucking band to keep you looking slim and streamlined by hiding your belly. You can also choose a wide-leg cropped pant.

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Flowing Pants

Choose a pair of flowy, palazzo-style pants that feature a wider leg and long length. The secret to looking great in this style is to cinch the waist by using a belt or picking a pair of pants with a tie-waist detail. Because these pants can be such a focal point, wear ones in your signature color tone or white.

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Patterned, Pajama-Style Pant

Since we're working with an easier silhouette, a cropped pajama pant in a classic print or pattern is a great wardrobe staple. Find one you can mix and match with other prints and patterns or favorite bold colors. The secret to a flattering, chic pajama pant look is to choose one that's cropped and wide leg. When in doubt, go with a wide-leg cropped pant featuring a pattern.

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For this month's challenge we continue with a relaxed skirt with an interesting pattern. If you don't feel comfortable in a skirt try a pair of shorts.

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Since we're working with more complex color this month, let's choose a dress that has a variety of colors (at least 2 or 3) that you can mix, match and layer.

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Let's work with your existing pieces and add a little more layering with jackets and accessories. A top layer like a blazer or cardigan gives you the structure and slimming column of color.

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A cardigan is a versatile piece that is perfect for all seasons and all looks.

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Modernize your outfit with a casual jacket like a field jacket, cut in a slightly longer length. Style it with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows for the most flattering look.

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Add color and personality to your basic outfits with accessories. If you have a lot of pattern and color going on, try using the latest combinations of metallics.

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Challenge schedule

Ready to get started? Please find all details for the outfits and challenges here.

Questions or suggestions? Add them to the Facebook group!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to add those to the private Facebook group in the special thread I created for this challenge. Not on Facebook? You can also add questions or suggestions here.

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