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2017 fall trends

Fall is fast approaching and fall 2017 styles are hitting the stores. We break down some of the best fall 2017 trends and how women over 40 can wear them.

Designers gave us high avant-garde for Fall 2017. They showed lots of metallic sequins, vintage skiwear looks, fringe, exaggerated and boxy silhouettes, unusual cone-shaped hats, patchwork looks, feathers and deconstructed styles that look like half your outfit may be missing.

A lot of the styles were inspiring, but not very practical for the fashionable, everyday woman. I've taken all the fun and crazy looks and edited them for you to the most important, wearable Fall 2017 trends, colors and silhouettes for the everyday woman.

For each Fall 2017 trend, I've linked to useful 40+ Style articles that get into more detail on how to wear the trend. Runway images courtesy of Vogue.

1. Red

fall 2017 fashion color trends for women |

A vibrant, bold red is the power color for fall. Most designers featured it in head to toe, monochromatic looks for day and night.

How you can add the trend to your look

Considering its strong tone, red works well with many colors. Add splashes of the tone to your every day outfits of greys, blacks and tans. Or try a head to toe look with darker, wine-toned red accessories. A bold red lip is another way to wear the fall 2017 trend. I plan on adding a gorgeous red sweater and skinny jean to my wardrobe. I also think this new red will be a great way to give life to all the black pieces I own.

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2. Belts to accent your waistline

best belts for fall |

Boxy and flowing silhouettes are on trend for fall. Luckily, designers accentuated the waistline by cinching it with belts to add some flattering femininity to the masculine styles that came down the runway.

How you can add the trend to your look

The most on-trend way to work the waistline trend into your everyday style is by adding a wide belt. Use this belt over your dress or jacket. If you love an oversized sweater and leggings, or a turtleneck with jeans, finish the look with a wide belt. The easiest, most flattering wide belts have stretch to them to comfortable cinch your waistline.

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3. Seventies

fall 2017 seventies fashion trend |

The Seventies are a big Fall 2017 trend across the board. The Seventies were pretty diverse, ranging from glam to flower child. An earthier seventies look featuring corduroy, florals, patchwork and brown was the go-to vibe on the Fall 2017 fashion runways.

How you can add Seventies the trend to your look

Choose a floral or plaid pattern for your accessories, top or jacket. Wear earthier colors like tans and browns. They look especially striking with the new fall red! Add a flattering, corduroy pant or legging to your fall wardrobe. Or wear a head to toe denim look featuring a denim shirt and jeans in the same tone.

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4. The Pant Suit

fall work clothes |

A power pant suit has replaced the dress as the freshest way to dress up for evening for fall. To stay on trend, choose a tailoring fabric like a small check, houndstooth or plaid.

How you can add the pant suit trend to your look:

A well-tailored pant suit is worth the investment! You can always break up the pieces and use the jacket separately, or the pants. But for Fall 2017, wear the duo together. Choose a jacket that fits you well, featuring a flattering waist and some structure to the shoulders. Yes, this means some padding on the shoulders, but strong shoulders paired with a curvy waistline are incredibly slimming.

Wear the pant suit during the day with a simple blouse, nice flats or even slip-on sneakers and dress it up for evening with a lace camisole and heels or pointy mules. Make this look even more on-trend by wearing it with a velvet top or velvet shoes, a red lip and a wide belt over the jacket.

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5. Velvet

best fall fashion trends for women |

Velvet looks especially alluring this fall. It's all about the color. Choose a vibrant tone like the new Fall 2017 red, hot pink or a deep indigo color.

How you can add the trend to your look

Velvet clothing can be tricky to wear. Try adding a single velvet element like a blouse, scarf or sweater in velvet to your look. Or a pair of velvet stretch leggings. Velvet boots or a statement bag could also be a good option. The secret to looking fresh and modern in velvet is to use only a splash of it in your outfit instead of a complete velvet look.

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6. Metallic

how to wear the metallic fashion trend |

The metallic trend was pretty over the top. Designers hope to see women literally shine and bedazzle in bold, metallic sequin looks. Silver and pale golds were the top two metallic hues.

How you can add the trend to your look

Much like velvet, choose minimal splashes of metallic. Select accessories with metallic trim or a sweater or cardigan with a touch of metal or sheen. If you have special evening events coming up, there is no better time to go with a metallic evening dress.

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7. Shearling

how to wear fur and shearling |

Shearling (and fur) were the outerwear choice of many designers. Fur usually pops up every fall, but shearling looks fresh and new. Shearling is quite expensive because it's the hide of the softest, select sheep. Many women are philosophically opposed to shearling and fur, but luckily there are plenty of faux versions that look real and feel nearly as warm.

How you can add the trend to your look

A shearling jacket or coat has a very distinct look. It can also be bulky, which can be unflattering. A fresh way to wear shearling for Fall 2017 (that will look stylish and modern instead of old fashioned) is as a vest. A shearling vest will keep you on trend in a couple of other ways: it has a Seventies vibe and can be layered nicely by adding a wide belt over it.

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