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How to transition into fall

Fall's arrival doesn't mean you have to put all your summer clothes away and invest in a whole new wardrobe! This year especially, there are plenty of runway trends from the Fall 2017 shows that integrate some of the most popular summer clothing staples into fresh and fashionable fall style. Here's how you can transition your summer clothes into fall and stay on trend.

1. Summer jeans

how to wear jeans for fall |

Denim is big for fall 2017, like Ralph Lauren shows us in the runway image above, so don't put your jeans away too soon. The overall denim look for fall takes on a Seventies or Western vibe. Some ways you can transform your summer jeans to fall denim style include:

  • Wearing a head-to-toe denim look by pairing your jeans with a denim top or matching denim jacket.
  • Wearing boot cut or wider-legged jeans.
  • Adding suede and fringe accessories.
  • Adding velvet (another big fall fashion trend) accessories or an indigo velvet jacket.
  • Wearing a boot or bootie with your jeans.

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2. Summer dresses

how to dress up your summer dress for fall |

Flowy dresses and floral patterns will be strong for fall. This is good news if you own some longer, flowing summer dresses. They're easy to layer and create a modern fall season look like the runway image above. Here's how:

  1. Add a wide, stretch belt to accentuate the waist line. If your dress already has a wrap or tie detail, you can still add the belt over it.
  2. Wear your dress with knee-length boots.
  3. Layer with a scarf or a cardigan, depending on how cold it is outside. If adding a scarf, think about using the fall trend patterns of plaid, stripes, florals and leopard print.
  4. Add a structured, statement bag. Red is the "it" color for fall.

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3. White pants

how to wear white in the fall |

There is an old rule about putting all white clothing and accessories away after Labor Day. Well, this rule doesn't apply this year. The 2017 fall fashion runways like that of Isabel Marant's in the image, were filled with looks featuring white, pastel and light color pants, jeans and clothes. So your white capris or jeans have a few more months of life left! Here is how to wear white pants for fall:

  • Add black to create an on-trend, black and white look.
  • Wear a leopard sweater with your white pants for a modern look.
  • Add the fall trend of metallic to your white outfit.

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Let's wrap it up. To transition your favorite summer clothes to fall:

  • Get to know the latest fall trends. You can sign up for our weekly newsletter where we link to our latest trend articles.
  • Take your summer piece(s) and layer for fall weather with scarves, tights, boots, cardigans or jackets.
  • Don't be afraid of working white or light colors from your summer wardrobe into your fall wardrobe.
  • Patterns like leopard, plaid, flowers and stripes will add the fall look.
  • Suede, velvet, metallic and fringe textures are also very Fall 2017.