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Grooming and Makeup Challenge

Here are the details for individual grooming and makeup challenges.

Challenge 1:

Try a simple, fast and natural "no makeup" look using your new makeup capsule.  Use tinted moisturizer or foundation, concealer, blush or multi stick, lipstick or gloss, mascara and a light eye makeup. Share your looks with the hashtag #makeup1

Challenge 2:

Now that you've got your natural daily makeup routine down, try a more dramatic evening look. Add more intense eye makeup, a deeper color, more liner, and more mascara than you would wear for a daytime look. Tag your looks with#makeup2

Challenge 3:

Now let's try wearing pairing our new makeup look with one of our favorite outfits. If it's daytime, use the natural daytime makeup look or if it's evening, choose a deeper, more intense makeup. Tag your look with #makeup3


Challenge 4:

Let's go outside our comfort zone and try a new technique that you've never tried before. Maybe it's using a brow kit, a bronzer, an eyelash curler, lip liner or a smokey eye. Share your looks and tag with #makeup4


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