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Spring challenge shopping list

Welcome to the Spring challenge!

In this challenge we are getting ready for spring. I have included quite a few trends in this challenge:

  • Flowers
  • Stripes
  • Pink
  • Utility wear
  • Sleeves details
  • 80s (bright color)
  • Cold shoulder tops
  • Men's wear inspired
  • Wider cropped pants
  • Cropped top

It's amazing that the capsule inscludes only 12 pieces (and that includes a coat! - dress or jumpsuit are counted as 1). I actually thought of deleting one top as it only gets worn once in the 2 weeks, but I know you like variety so i left it in.

I have kept the accessories minimal here since we already use a lot of print but of course you can accessorize to your heart's delight.

The challenge

To create varied, interesting looks. You are going to implement some 'maximalism' in a super stylish way by mixing some patterns and wearing a bright color. If you dare, you will also experiment with some new silhouettes.

The silhouette

We will play with new silhouettes in this capsule that are very modern. Higher waisted bottoms will be worn with shorter tops. Wide will be worn over wide (within measure) and a blouse will be worn as jackets or tucked in.

The Capsule

As mentioned above it has a bit of everything in a variety of colors, which will create 10 very different looks. Of course you can adapt this capsule completely to your own style personality, body type, climate and color scheme. We are looking for YOUR unique interpretation of each day's outfit.

The tops

Man's shirt

The man's shirt will highlight the men's wear inspired trend. It's super versatile and in this capsule our man's shirt goes with every bottom due to the soft stripy pattern. You can also unbutton it and wear it as a jacket as well. If you're not ready for print mixing, opt for a solid color as well. White is super versatile and will go with everything.

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Colorful flower top

Flowers are a big trend this season. I like them best when they are bold and big. You can choose a top that combines the cold shoulder or detailed sleeves trend or go for a simple style and let the flowers do the talking! Don't want to wear flowers, choose another printed top instead. I adore this top.

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Cold Shoulder top

Cold shoulder or strapless tops are still super popular. You can find them in all kinds of prints and colors. For this capsule I opted for a neutral color top that also incorporates the detailed sleeve trend.

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Cropped top

Cropped tops are fabulous with high waisted cropped pants which are so fashionable now. Even though they tend to be wider, they still emphasize the waist since they end there. There is enough structure as your cropped pants will fit around the hips. Cropped pants are also fabulous with wider full length pants. This particular top may be too short for some of you but be careful not to have your top loo long if you are planning on embracing the wider (cropped) pants trend.

Feel free to replace this with a short sweater.

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Bright pink top

Bright pink is one of the trendy colors for spring, although softer pinks are popular too. This top can be excellent as a layering piece or you can wear it on its own.

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Striped jacket

Since one of your challenges this month is to mix prints I opted for a striped (quite neutral) jacket, but feel free to replace this with a jeans jacket. This short jacket is perfect to wear with a variety of pants.

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Sleeveless vest

A sleeveless vest is a great layering piece for spring. Good at hiding bellies, lengthening and adding more interest to an outfit.

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Dress or jumpsuit

Choose from a jumpsuit or dress for this capsule. The jumpsuit is a bit easier to layer and can be super versatile. The dress will allow you to add extra color to your capsule. You may like to go for a dress in the color of the year: greenery.

Dress options

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Jumpsuit options

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As an extra I decided to add a coat to this capsule as this one is just so good and will ensure that all your outfits looks fabulous outdoors too.

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The bottoms

Blue jeans

Jeans are great for spring so I wanted to include them in our capsule. The type of jeans though is up to you. If you want to get new jeans, I would encourage you to try a new style, like the high waisted cropped jeans (right) or the cropped flare jeans (left). The wider cropped jeans will look great with the shorter tops that we will have in this capsule. If you want to go for a 'safer' option, then go with the bootcut jeans.

The wider cropped jeans and the cropped flare jeans are the most trendy options and the hippest but they are trickier to wear and may feel like too much of a stretch. They will not last as long as the mainstream bootleg jeans.

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Cropped green pants

We included the utility trend with our pants. These are super versatile and great for casual looks.

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Wide leg pant

wider leg pants are back in favour and since a few were talking about wearing them and creating the Katherine Hepburn style, I wanted to include them in our capsule. These are quite casual because of the fabric but I've include some chicer options too.

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The skirt

Spring calls for a skirt as well and this skirt does the pattern mixing for you! Take it even one step further by pattern mixing the top or combine with one of the colors in the skirt. I included some dress options below as well since they can easily be layered with tops.

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I kept the accessories minimal as we are already using lots of prints but feel free to add other accessories. Ballet flats and kitten heels can be substituted for trainers or open booties.

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How does the challenge work and when will we share the outfits?

We will start sharing the first outfit on Monday the 13th and then share the other 4 in this week also. Please wear the outfits in consecutive order; outfit 1 is for Monday, outfit 2 for Tuesday, etc. It will be fun to see how everyone interprets the same outfit formula in their own unique way.

You can share the outfits in the private member community group. The tag for the challenge will be #springchallenge Then just add day1 etc for each consecutive day.

We will share the outfits for week 2 starting 20 March. (so we will break for the weekend).

Questions or suggestions? Add them to the Facebook group!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to add those to the private Facebook group in the special thread I created for the spring type challenge. Please note that I will not answer any questions through email.

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