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Outfits for first week

Here are the challenge outfits for the first week.

We start the challenge with a real challenge! Mixing several prints for a maximalist look. This look reminds me of one of the looks we spotted in the shopping video. It creates an interesting juxtaposition between the feminine and masculine. You can just wear the skirt with a blouse or add your jacket as well. If you don't wear skirts, you could add printed pants. For some print mixing tips, see this article.

I added both the blue and the fuchsia accessories to this look as you can mix & match the 2. The flats make it more casual while the kitten heels make it more chic.

Back to a more neutral look for day 2 which you can keep neutral with neutral accessories or spice up with color with more statement jewelry and accessories.The layering of the sleeveless top makes the shoulder less bare and adds more vertical lines for a lengthening effect. Still cold where you are? Just replace the sleeveless vest with a long cardigan or jacket.

More print mixing if you dare! Mix your flower top with your stripes top. This combination looks super chic with your long wide pants. If your men's blouse mixes better with your jacket, feel free to use that.

Time to wear our dress or jump suit. This is the way we incorporate green into our capsule! Don't want to stand out that much? Replace your dress with a more neutral color and use green(ery) accessories instead. You can also tone down your green dress with neutral accessories like gold or silver and nude shoes.

I chose a more neutral color for our jumpsuit. It looks fab if you accessorize it with brighter accessories like the bright pink shoes, bag and a statement necklace. You can choose to layer your jumpsuit with your sleeveless vest or your cropped top.

Our khaki pants have a casual vibe that you can dress up or down. This looks really chic with your men's blouse tucked on or tied in a knot. Especially when you wear it together with this fabulous trench coat. Want a more casual vibe? Pair the outfit with one of the new sneakers.

Another alternative is to wear a white t-shirt underneath and then wear the blouse lose as a jacket. This is super casual and comfy look.

I look forward to seeing all your interpretations of these outfits! 

We will start sharing the first outfit on Monday the 13th and then share the other 4 in this week also. Please wear the outfits in consecutive order. It will be fun to see how everyone shares the same outfit formula!

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