How to set up your 21 steps Pinterest Board

Throughout the course you have the opportunity to use Pinterest.

This is OPTIONAL but helpful for identifying style and keeping track.

Here is how to set it up:

  1. Go to
  2. If you don't have a Pinterest account yet, create your free account (here is a video on how to do that)
  3.  Create a new board and call it "21 Steps Style Course"
  4. Go to my Pinterest account and follow me
  5. Go to 21 Steps Course board
  6. Click on one of the pins there and save one or more of the pins to your newly created "21 Steps  Style Course" pinboard.
  7. Now find any pins from other pinners or from your favorite websites (there are MANY on my pinterest boards) and save / pin those to your board

Video 1: I have created a small video to get you familiar with Pinterest and why I recommend using it in the course.

Video 2: If you're completely new to Pinterest, you can also watch this video on Youtube.

Just a reminder, this is OPTIONAL so not necessary for the challenge and course but I think you will find it a great help!