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1. Why Accessorise?

Have you ever seen a woman walking down the street wearing an outfit that’s almost perfect, but seems to be missing something? She’s wearing clothes and shoes, of course, but if her outfit looks incomplete it’s probably because she has skipped accessories.

Most of us know that personal style has many elements, but a lot of focus is put on clothes.

Clothes are important. But an outfit of clothes without any accessories is like a cake without any icing: It’s fine, but it’s not really done.

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and if you include the wrong ones they can throw everything off from proportions to balance to figure-flattery.

Understanding how to use your accessories and which ones work with which outfits is essential to your personal style. An outfit of clothes with the wrong accessories is like a cake that’s been iced with marmalade: It almost works, but not quite!

There are so many types of accessories and trying to figure them all out can be overwhelming. But once you learn to incorporate them into your looks you’ll love what they can do for you.

And what is it they can do for you?

Well for starters, accessories can:

#1 Elevate your style by making your outfits look complete

They are the “finishing touches” every outfit needs.

#2 Allow you to update your looks quickly and easily

Even if you’re wearing classic clothes you can use accessories to inject trendiness into your looks.

#3 Help you reach your figure-flattery goals

Accessories can balance or downplay, disguise or highlight nearly any feature on your body.

#4 Let you express your creativity in subtle ways

Sometimes you’ve got to wear certain clothes in certain environments to show respect or blend in, but you can always use a few accessories to express your unique personality

#5 Enable you to keep emotionally significant objects close to you

Jewelry from relatives, scarves bought while traveling, handbags received as gifts from friends.

Many women love how accessories look on others and have collected lots of them over the years, but are too timid to actually wear them. They’ve got drawers full of scarves, racks of belts, boxes brimming with jewelry, but tend to only use a handful of simple accessories every single day.

Others have found types of accessories that make sense and stick to them, never exploring other options. All of us could use a little guidance and a little push to try new things!

As Iris Apfel has said:

“Off all the things I love and things I’ve worn. I get more compliments on accessories than anything else. I think they’re kind of like herbs and spices. They give zest and zing to an outfit.”

Of course, Iris is a maximalist when it comes to accessorizing and she has become quite a style icon at a later age. If you want to read more about Iris, you can read my article on her here.

I hope this course will be just what you need to get a better understanding of how accessories work and build up the courage to start wearing them stylishly every day.

There’s a lot to learn, but I promise you’ll have lots of fun doing it! And by the time you’re done, you’ll be an accessorisation pro. You will know what looks good on you and will walk out the door feeling confident and beautiful.

Style assignment

Answer this question?

Why are accessories important to you?

Pin assignment

Pin some of your favorite looks where you felt that accessories were used to perfection. For inspiration, you can look at the many pins on my Pinterest boards.

Photo assignment

Photograph yourself in an outfit where you felt your accessories really enhanced your look. Take a note of why accessories complemented the outfit so well.

Good luck with your assignments!