How I turned my childhood dream into reality...

Life doesn’t stop at 40. On the contrary. It was only in my 40s when I truly found my confidence & business mojo and turned my childhood dreams into reality.

I started a fashion magazine. That evolved into a thriving business with courses & programs and more than 31 million women visiting that website to date.

I now have multiple businesses I love that allow me to travel  for half of the year and shape my life the way I want to.

what do you want to be when you grow up

It wasn't always like that....

In my early 30s I was mildly depressed. I lacked direction and had no confidence.

I didn't know what to do with my life.

I knew things had to change. I just didn't know how.

I found the courage to enroll myself into a personal development course.

It set me on a path of growth that continues to this day. 


Finding my true passion...

I hit rock-bottom at that program but I had also become aware of what was holding me back. I was able to step out of victim mode and into doing mode.

Through the specific steps that I now teach I mastered the confidence to start my first business. The business grew and was fun for a while but after a few years, it felt too much like ‘work’ again.

I wanted a business that was more purposeful and give more freedom. I wanted to tap into my true potential. 

The Big AHA Moment....

I asked myself a lot of questions and did plenty of clarity exercizes.

Then one day, I remembered my childhood passion for fashion.

And how I could always get compliments on my style.

Perhaps I can help other women feel their best?

It felt like a light-bulb moment. Why hadn't I thought of that before?

This is how 40+style was born. A highly proftable business that I can run from anywhere in the world.


Tapping into my True Potential...

Later, I wanted to support women with more than just style. So many are still struggling with self worth and feeling stuck,  like I was in my 30s. This is how the True Potential Academy was born.

I turned all the strategies that I had used to get confidence, clarity and success into online programs.

My journey is not over.

I'm constantly learning and evolving.

It's what makes life interesting and purposeful.

I learned important things like....

How to stay focussed and do the things that matter

Focus is key! As is choosing the right things to work on.

How to find your genius & what you want to create

When you tap into what you're good at and passionate about, magic happens.

How to create financial independence

Do what you love, but make sure it's profiable too!

How to find balance in your lifestyle

There's no point in growing if you don't have fun

How to get over your fear and get started

You can't go if you don't step outside your comfort zone

how to trust yourself

It's only through self trust & confidence that you truly GROW.

This is what I can teach you too...

Do you feel that you have stopped growing and can't get to the next level?

I help women tap into their fullest potential by helping them develop true self confidence.

I will show you how you can set a clear path for yourself and let your wildest dreams become a reality.

No matter what you want to achieve, (a healthy body, a thriving business, a satisfying job or more adventure through travel) I can help.

Let's become the best version of yourself!

The official bio


Sylvia is a serial entrepreneur, stylist and true potential mentor who loves to inspire women to tap into their full potential. 

Over the years, she has helped thousands of women improve their style, build confidence, and take powerful steps in their growth journey.

Considering herself a world citizen, she has lived in 8 different countries and frequently travels to many more. She now spends most of her time in southern Portugal.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

I look forward to mentoring you and teach you everything I know.

Let's learn the skills to live the life you always dreamed of finally!

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