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Have you thought about coaching as an online business model?

Then this could be the podcast episode for you!

Willo Sana is a Transformational Business Coach who empowers visionary entrepreneurs with heart-centered action.

In 2003 Willo was made redundant from her full time role and embarked on her path to entrepreneurship. Initially she used her web and graphic design skills to offer services and learn about being an independent business owner. Willo went on to create her first products, then helped others with similar creative skill sets through coaching, speaking and consulting roles. Along the way she co-founded several creative start ups that grew into six figure businesses.

Currently Willo focuses on her transformational coaching business. She has a small group of hand picked VIP's (Very Inspired People) she coaches one on one while also offering group programs, online courses, events and retreats.

In this episode discover:

  • How to follow your own genius
  • How to get started with a coaching business
  • Why it's important to invest in yourself
  • How to enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship, the highs and the lows!

Enjoy listening to this episode and I can't wait to hear which ideas from this conversation you are going to adapt for yourself and your business.

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Coaching as a business model with Willo Sana |

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