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Lyn Slater is the Accidental Icon.

While pursuing a career as a college professor and taking courses at a New York fashion school, Lyn was searching for something to combine her existing skills and interests while expressing her creativity.

Around 4 years ago she started her blog Accidental Icon. Lyn labels herself a cultural influencer and has a large international following, traveling globally in her role as Accidental Icon. Her instagram has more than 557,000 followers.

Lyn has modeled for brands such as Valentino and Mango and has been profiled extensively in the fashion world. One of her first ever profiles was on 40+Style and you can read her style interview here.

I spoke to her in my apartment in New York when I was there and I think you will love this interview!

Lyn Slater talking with Sylvia

In this episode of the 40+Entrepreneur podcast you will discover:

  • How and why Lyn chose to start a blog
  • Why values and ethics are important as an Influencer
  • Why she is doing the opposite of everybody else
  • How creativity needs feeding through daydreaming
  • Why embracing technology is key to success
  • What direction her future plans may take

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You can read my interview with Lyn Slater - The Accidental icon here.  You'll be treated to many more of her gorgeous images too!

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Lyn slater is a professor who turned her love of fashion into a career as an influencer and model - Find out how she did it in this podcast interview! |