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If you found out about your passion but can't seem to get focussed to take the steps needed to achieve your goals, you may like to try some techniques from NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to get things moving in the right direction.

Try to answer the below questions for yourself and you may find that it will become a lot easier to achieve your goal.

I did this exercize years ago and it has given me fantastic results. It's an easy exercize that may help you too. I have added some example answers to give you an idea of how to answer these questions.

Let's get to it!

#1 Positively state your goal

What exactly do you want? State what you WANT and not what you don't want.

eg. "I want to have a successful fashion blog"

#2 Prioritize

Which goal is the most important to achieve? Although you may have several, define which goal would have the largest influence in your life and make that a priority.

eg. "If I can have a successful blog I will do the work I love, work at the hours I like, help and inspire others and work from anywhere. which will make me happy."

#3 Control

What will you do to achieve this goal? Make sure that you have full control over achieving your goal: there should be no room for you to blame others for not achieving it. Realise that only you are responsible for the outcome. 

eg. "I will research and write an article every single work day. I will do what it takes to get those articles seen and shared. I will commit to truly understanding my audience."

#4 Evidence

How will you know that you have achieved your goal? Try to see, hear and feel what it would be like if you had already achieved this goal and try to describe that in your answer to this question.

eg. "I know I will have achieved my goal when I can quit my current full-time job and live off my blog. No more nagging bosses. No more working at times that don't suit me. I would feel so free knowing that I'm in control and so happy to be connected with so many likeminded women. I would feel that my life has purpose." 

#5 Context

When do you want to achieve this goal? Specifying a time frame will help to give you a deadline and gives you something to target.

eg. "I want to quit my job in 1 year time."

#6 Blocks

What has prevented you from already achieving this goal? Knowing what usually stops you from achieving your goal helps you to take steps to overcome this.

eg. "I'm afraid I will fail and all the extra work will be in vain. Therefore I don't put enough energy into my blog. I haven't really fully owned my goal and business and am not open enough about it. I'm not showing myself and what I stand for enough to the world."

#7 Resources

Which resources (skills, belief, support, behaviour) do you already have that can help you achieve this goal? And which ones would you need? This will help you realise that you may already have plenty of resources/ skills and can make you aware of what resources you will need, eg. additional training in some areas.

eg. "I know a lot about the topic of my blog and love to write. I also love connecting with other bloggers and know how to use social media. I'm good at motivating myself and have the drive. I'm able to work many hours by myself."

#8 Ecology

What will you gain or lose in achieving this goal? It's good to look at your whole life and look how succeeding with your goal may effect other goals or people.

eg. "If I don't achieve this goal I will be stuck in a job I don't like and which does not give me the freedom I need. It would make a huge difference to my family to find me more relaxed and to finally have the time to spend more time with them". 

#9 Worthwhile

How is this goal worthwhile (what will achieving this goal get for you)? When you are clear about how your goal will fulfill you it will be easier to reach it.

eg. "Achieving this goal would mean complete freedom. I can choose the hours I want to work and I will be doing work that I enjoy. I think this would make me a lot more relaxed and happier overall."

#10 Action

What is your next action in order to achieve your goal? Make sure that you break your goal down into smaller manageable steps. And focus on the NOW. Only the current moment and the actions you do in that moment can bring you closer to your goal, one step at the time.

eg. "I will no longer watch TV or only in very limited amounts. That time is better invested in writing an article every day and connect with other bloggers. I will also invest in a good (online) course to understand more about effective blogging, SEO and monetizing."

If you answer all these questions for yourself and write the answers down, you will find that you are clearer about your goal and why you want to achieve it. This will keep you motivated.

Keep breaking the goal down into smaller steps and realise that all necessary work has to be done in the current moment.

Doing this, you are well under way to actually achieve that goal.

Good luck! Let me know how you go! Did this exercise help you? If you want accountability, share your goal with us!



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