How to find the right balance in life |

Oprah was always talking about leading your best life and finding the right balance in life. It is a topic I find interesting as it's a tough to discover that perfect balance for you.

So the question is:

How can we live our best life?

What is the right balance?

Should our primary aim be to help others, make this world a better place? Or should we focus on ourselves being happy and content?

Should we seek for the meaning of life and try to connect to our soul through religion or spirituality?

Or should we just live life as it comes and accept things for what they are?

Should we work as hard as we can, have clear goals and earn as much money as possible?

Or should we be content with smaller things and hence not be so driven and spend more time with family?

Should we enjoy the pleasures of life whenever we can, eat and be merry?

Or do we need to watch our diet and keep thin and fit?

How much time do we spend with friends?

How to find the right balance in life?

Of course the answer will most likely be that it's a combination of these. The trick is to try and find the right balance that is right for you. And that is the hard part;  to know what the right balance is.

So where to begin to find that balance?

I think you first need to look at what kind of person you are. What are your passions in life? What do you love to do?

Start by making a list of these things or create a mind map. One way to create a mind map is to draw a circle and call it life. Around that circle, you can now write anything that comes to mind that you want your life to be. Think about work, family, friends, spirituality, community service, leisure time, health, love, learning etc. The more you want of something the bigger the letters or block should be.

Create another mind map or drawing, whatever feels right for you, and write down how your life currently is.

Is there a big difference between the 2? What parts of your life are currently missing and which area in your life is dominant?

Determine what the right balance would be for you. When you have established the areas that you want more of, you can start making plans on how to achieve this. Take small steps to move in that direction.

Start by looking at the time you have available to add some of these things into your life and use that to move closer to your desired balanced life. Perhaps you have some time where you would normally watch television and you could now choose to spend that on learning the language you always planned to or start the online business that would give you more freedom and a clear goal.

Review on a regular basis to see where you are at and where it is necessary to make adjustments.

Although this site is mainly about online business, it's really about finding that right balance in life. You create the business to be able to life that life. In my case, the business is a big part of my life as I enjoy it so much.

Of course I don't get the balance right all the time. But through creating a business I love that allows me the freedom to take off and travel whenever I want, it has give me the options to choose. It's up to me to then fill my days with other important things too, like time spent with family and friends, exercize, giving back and connecting with likeminded people.

I will share my thoughts and ideas about these topics too on this site and I would also welcome any comments and ideas that you have.

Have you managed to find the right balance in your life and / or what is your take on living your best life?

What topics would you like to see  discussed on this site?