Welcome to our training on makeup and grooming.

No matter our style, age, or what we wear, our faces are usually the first thing people notice when they meet us. Our face communicates so much to the world, so why not make it the message we want to send?

If we take good care of our skin and enhance our beauty with natural looking makeup, we are sending the message that we are vibrant, beautiful women ready to take life on.

In this training, we will turn our attention away from our clothing and set the groundwork for beauty by creating a daily skincare regimen.

Then, we’ll create a makeup capsule. A “wardrobe” of basic makeup products in colors that flatter our complexion and with products that fit our lifestyle to enhance our own unique beauty.

Our guide for this training will be our beauty specialist Rosemond. She'll lead us through discovering our best, beautiful looks.  

So, let’s get started!

The masterclass


Here's how to create a fast, easy, daytime makeup look

First, what makeup and beauty products to get rid of

Creating an easy, effective skin care regimen

Lip and eye makeup tutorial and tips

Selecting the right makeup colors

The workbook

The challenge


Additional videos

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