I'm currently conducting the Bucket List Challenge and it's so much fun.

Lots of women are taking part and having big and small aha moments. They also love how they can already tick off items of their personal bucket list. If you haven't got yours yet, be sure to sign up here and get it immediately.

As I'm writing this, it's the third day of the challenge and we're discovering why we haven't achieved our highest priority yet.

One great tool I use in my programs is the coaching model. It's a brilliant tool that helps you get really clear on why you don't yet have what you want and how to get it.

I'd love for you to learn this tool too as it can be really useful for your self coaching too.

And rather than just hearing how beneficial it has been for me, I thought I would invite another coach, Karen Kjaerulff, who is also a nutritionist and certified lifestyle medicine practitioner also share her opinions.

What you can expect in this episode:

  • Why she and I both added coaching to our programs
  • How coaching work and why it's so beneficial
  • What is the coaching model?
  • What's an urge jar and how do you use it?

Links mentioned in this episode:

Prefer to watch?

We actually recorded this episode on video and you can watch it below.

Please note, in the beginning the video turns green for a few seconds but the rest of the video is showing normal.

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