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Get more than 50 new subscribers every single day - Your 9 step plan |

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I get between 100-150 new email subscribers for my style blog a day.

That didn't happen through magic but rather through consistent action every week on my website. You too can get these kind of results for your business with my 9 step action plan that will give you amazing results that last.

Why are newsletter subscribers important, you may wonder?

For most online business, an email list is the engine of your business. I get most of my customers for my programs through my list.

Your list enables you to stay in contact with your contacts on a consistent basis which will allow them to know, like and trust you, which will eventually lead to new customers.

It’s really important that women who land on your website are reminded of its existence on a regular basis.

Yes, building a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest helps, but in terms of effectiveness for selling, nothing compares to your email list.

In this episode of the 40+Entrepreneur podcast, you will learn how to get a lot more subscribers for your business with a 9 step action plan.

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