True Potential Podcast: how to subscribe and leave a review?

True Potential Podcast

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What is the podcast all about?

On the True Potential podcast we are going to talk about how you can step outside of your comfort zone and achieve the things you want.

We will be looking at what's been getting in the way thus far and how you can overcome any obstacles in getting what you want.

From time to time I will also talk to inspirational women who have reinvented themselves in some way and how they overcame their personal obstacles.

I will also share my own stories and expertise on how I reinvented myself after 40 and built a multiple 6 figure business on a shoestring from scratch. And how I'm reinventing myself again to change my current business.

This podcast will help get you inspired and take massive action towards achieving your own goals. It's never too late to go after your dreams!

New to the world of podcasting?

And just wondering what a podcast is exactly?

A podcast is simply a type of radio show that you can easily listen to online.

You can choose to listen to it right here on this site or (even better) you can subscribe to this podcast through Itunes here.

What subscribing to a podcast means and how it works

Subscribing to a podcast doesn't mean that you get an email or that you have to pay anything.

It simply means that a new episode will be automatically downloaded to the podcast player of your choice. For many of you that will probably be the Apple podcast app or Itunes but it can also be Sticher or TuneIn or another app.

I use the apple podcast app on my Iphone to listen to podcasts, which I usually do when I go for my morning walk. I love it when my favorite podcasts are there waiting for me!

Podcasts have been a marvelous learning tool for me and that's the reason I wanted to create a podcast for you too. It's great to be inspired each morning and learn something new or hear from another woman who has achieved amazing things online.

I often get new ideas for my own personal development and business and apply what I learn on a daily basis. I often write ideas and action points down as soon as I come back from my walk.

You can subscribe to this podcast through Itunes right here!

If this doesn't work for you, simply look for the 40+entrepreneur podcast in your favorite podcast player and hit the subscribe button.

Once you have subscribed to the podcast you can then easily listen to the podcast from wherever it's convenient for you at a time that suits you, like in your car, during your workout or during your early morning walk.

Want to give me some feedback?

If the podcast has inspired or helped you in some way, I'd love to read your review. Reviews will help give this new podcast more visibility and will encourage me to create many more episodes for you. Those 0 stars don't look so good!

I would appreciate that so much!

Here is how you can leave a review on Apple podcasts.

  1. On your phone, launch the podcast app
  2. Tap the search button at the bottom right
  3. In the search field look for True Potential podcast
  4. Tap on the cover image of my podcast
  5. Once you are on my podcast's page scroll down a bit until you reach the ratings & Reviews section
  6. Tap the number of stars you want to give the podcast
  7. Click on 'write a review'
  8. Accept my enormous gratitude!

I hope you will enjoy this exciting new podcast!