Why the current moment is so powerful | sylviavandelogt.com

You cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now.

Eckhardt Tolle

Our minds are peculiar things. It goes around in twists and turns and keeps thinking, analyzing, looking at past experiences all the time.

Like today.

I was playing a tennis match and my mind was going on about how well I was doing, how many points I needed to be respectable, panicking (what happens if I don’t get any points?) and predicting (if I win this game that would be so nice).

In the end of course I did not hit a ball right and ended up the overall loser in the game of doubles. I was terribly disappointed as I did not think that I had to lose so badly. What went wrong?

Of course my tennis still needs a lot of improvement so that is one part of it. But I also think that I was thinking and analyzing too much and not really focussing on the ball. I was not living in the current moment.  All the moment required was to focus on the ball, concentrate on that and hit that ball with power and precision.

That is how it works in business too.

It's very easy to look at your past and look at all your mistakes and beat yourself up about it.

Or you look at the future and where you want to be and you get so caught up in doing that, that you forget about doing the actual work.

Looking at the past and planning for the future has its place, but you will only achieve happiness or achieve things when you get things done NOW.

This moment right now is all you have. You only ever experience life at this current moment. Right now. Make that a good moment.

Live on purpose. Create something. Truly relax.

And then work towards your goals one action at a time.

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