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I decided to get an Instagram account for 40plusEntrepreneur.

And you may be surprised to read this as I only mentioned  just a few weeks ago that Instagram is not on my list of priorities.

Don't worry, it still isn't, but here's why I decided to have a presence on Instagram for 40PlusEntrepreneur too and I will also show you how to use IGTV (Instagram TV)

Instagram just launched IGTV (Instagram TV).

A new app that allows you to upload longer videos that you can pre-record.

Up till now you were able to post videos, but on the timeline they could only be one minute long and in stories, no more than 10 seconds. Both of these options also gave you limited opportunity to add links that would also work on other platforms like Facebook.

But now there's IGTV

Here are a few reasons why I decided to join IGTV

There are a number of reasons why I decided to take the plunge.

#1 This may potentially become huge

Instagram promotes it as the first Vertical Video Channel. It's meant and designed for mobile which makes perfect sense as mobile use has exploded in recent years. Even on 40+style, mobile traffic is now higher than desktop traffic.

I believe Instagram is trying to create the new go-to destination for videos.

Currently Youtube is the main place to watch videos and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) wants a piece of that market. Facebook is feeling the heat from the criticism on its main platform and is now capitalising on the increasing popularity of Instagram to grow a new video channel.

This may potentially become huge! Google, who owns Youtube is Facebook's main competitor and I think Facebook will do everything in their power to beat them.

#2 You can add a big description and links

A big selling point for me is that you can share more text with the videos and clickable links that direct you to my website or landing page.

That means that you can give clear call to actions to your viewers and they don't first have to go to a profile to visit particular links.

Viewers can see the description and links if they click on the title of the video at the top.

#3 Easy share function to Facebook including full description and links

There is also an easy share function to Facebook with both the video, text and links fully intact. This means I can connect with you on 2 main social media networks at the same time.

#4 Lots of visibility for early adapters on this platform

Since this is new app / function it is not so crowded yet. That means you will stand out amongst your followers. Right now is definitely the best time to join!

#5 An easy way to connect more personally with you!

I also wanted to have a presence on Instagram as I want to connect more personally with you. IGTV lets me do that both through Instagram and Facebook.

It allows me to quickly do a spontaneous video and (since I'm not doing editing) this can be done really quickly.

How to use IGTV (Instagram TV)

IGTV is not yet as intuitive to use, so here are a few quick tips to get you started.

  • Access the app by clicking on the IGTV icon in the top right of your screen.
  • That will allow you to watch others' videos.
  • You can also download the IGTV app from the apps store, which will enable you to upload your own videos.
  • You can change your settings by clicking to the icon next to your profile picture.Change your settings in IGTV |
  • If you want to add your own video, click on your profile picture and then on the + sign and select one of the videos you recorded. At this time you can't film 'live' within the app. IGTV Profile
  • Always be sure to provide value for your followers. What will they get out of your video? How will you help them? Always keep those questions in mind when creating your videos.

How I'm using it (sofar)

I've only been using it for a few days but here is how I have used IGTV already for my businesses:

  • Keep in touch and provide helpful tips. e.g. I've been showing followers how to use IGTV as it's so new (like I'm doing in this article)
  • Provide inspiration for my style followers. They always like to see what I wear.
  • Add shoppable affiliate links to my videos (in the description) so when followers like what they see, they can instantly buy it through one of my affiliate links (and I receive a small commission)
  • Notify my followers of my new Instagram account and encourage them to follow me there too!
  • You can essentially bring additional attention to any of your offerings.

There are really so many ways you can use this tool.

Now use in moderation!

Remember, my advice on not making social media your priority still stands.

Set clear limits on your use of Instagram. It's very addictive as it provides lots of instant gratification (it always feels good to see those likes coming in) and it's fun to see what all your (instagram) friends are up to.

You may like to set a specific time on your Instagram use and schedule 1 or 2 limited time sessions each day.

Remember, you are still essentially making Facebook/Instagram rich as you are making THEIR platforms more popular. Use them for your own benefit for sure, but always, ALWAYS, make your own platform (your website, your email list) the priority in anything you do. Instagram is just a tool, nothing more.

Be sure to measure the effectiveness too and keep track of the time you spend on Instagram. How much ROI (return on investment) do you get from your efforts?

For now, be sure to follow me on Instagram and watch the 2 short videos I already created for IGTV. There's actually a major error in the first one where I mention that I have 400,000 visitors a year; it's actually 400,000 visitors a month! Oops... at least noone can accuse me of inflating my numbers...

If you have more questions on how to use IGTV for business, feel free to ask in the comments!

I'd love to hear your opinion on this. What do you think of IGTV? Will you start to use it?



How to use IGTV (instagram TV) |