We already talked about the definition of true potential in a previous article.

Tapping into your true potential is your capacity to lead your most authentic and happiest life.

But what's stopping you from tapping into your true potential?

What's stopping you from tapping into your potential?

Can you see the signs?

Here are some clues I've spotted with both myself and clients. I will summarize them in the 4 categories below:

Let me know which ones you recognize or resonate with?

Signs you're not tapping into your potential

Let's look for signs that you're not tapping into your potential in the areas of purpose, professional life, people and relationships and physical wellbeing.


Here are some of the things I see in the area of finding purpose in life.

#1 You spend hours each day on social media

This is a form of buffering. Not only does this keep your from doing far more important work, research has shown it can have negative effects on your mental health.

#2 You watch too much TV

Signs you are not tapping into your potential - watching too much TV | truepotentialacademy.com

Another sign of buffering. TV and social media are great ways not to deal with complicated feelings or challenging activities.

#3 You can never find enough hours in the day

Do you know what's keeping you so busy? Are you keeping busy to avoid thinking about what you really want?

#4 You dread going to work

Have you ever considered changing? What work would be more meaningful to you?

#5 You don't want to get up in the morning?

Ever wondered what would motivate you to get up earlier?

#6 You keep busy with unimportant things

Tackling the big questions or big projects requires a lot of brain power. Much easier to just keep busy with lots of urgent and small things right?


Here are some of the things I see in the area of building and maintaining strong relationships. Both with yourself and others.

#7 You avoid conflict in your relationship

Signs you are not tapping into your potential - you avoid conflict in relationships | truepotentialacademy.com

This can be a sign that you are not valuing yourself enough. Relationships are a 2-way street. You need to make sure that your needs are met as well and sometimes that can lead to conflict.

#8 You don't dare to express your feelings for someone

What's holding you back from expressing your true feelings?

#9 You don't buy beautiful clothes for yourself

Dressing yourself well is a form of self-care. Not paying attention to this may indicate that you are not valuing yourself enough.

This is also true if you keep waiting until you are at the 'right' size before buying any new clothes.

#10 You stay in a relationship even though it's no longer working

You may not love the person anymore. Or you love the other person, but they don't love your back. The relationship is just not fulfilling. Why are you staying?

#11 You can't commit to a relationship

This may be intentional or it may be because something is holding you back. Perhaps you don't dare to commit?

#12 You like to have more friends but do nothing to get them

What's holding you back?

#13 You gossip about other people

You would build stronger relationships if you discussed more of what's bothering YOU.

#14 You compare yourself constantly to others

Comparing yourself to others keeps you stuck. Why not trust yourself and focus on what YOU can do?

#15 You think you're better by yourself and avoid other people

it can feel safer that way, but people need other people. Strongs connections is now widely considered as one of the strongest indicators for a long (and happy) life.


Here are some of the things I see in the area of work, career, money and business development.

#16 Traditional career path

You opt for a career choice that aligns with traditional gender roles rather than pursuing fields perceived as more ambitious or male-dominated.

#17 Feeling obligated to take a bigger part in child rearing or parents' support

You prioritize family or caregiving responsibilities over career advancement.

Although this can be a conscious choice and may contribute to your levels of happiness, it's often also done as an obligation or expectation. It's good to be aware of what's true for you.

#18 You are not asking for a raise or a job promotion

Are you always waiting for someone else to raise the topic?

Signs you are not tapping into your potential - you don't ask for a pay increase | truepotentialacademy.com

#19 You tell yourself that money is not important for you

This can be true. It can also be a way to keep yourself comfortable. After all, if money or materialistic things are not important to you, you don't have to pursue big goals. Or do the (sometimes) scary tasks that are required of you to make bigger things happen.

#20 You downplay your achievements

Is someone else getting or taking all the credit for what you have accomplished?

#21 You confuse inaction for self-care

Achieving any goal takes discipline. It requires action, even if you don't feel like it. How often have you procrastinated because you need more rest?


Here are some of the things I see in the area of health and wellness.

#22 You don't exercize

Sure. Exercizing may not be your thing. But it's one of the most important things you can do for self care.

#23 You feel guilty about what you eat

You already know that it's not good for you, so why keep eating it?

#24 You don't look after your personal spaces

You may be surprised to find this in the physical category. It would suit all categories really as this can affect all areas of your life. However, I believe that cluttered spaces reflect the most on how well you look after yourself. Looking after your space is an element of self-care. Pay attention to how cluttered your desk, your house, your car and your other living spaces are.

#25 You ignore your appearance

Sure, caring too much about your appearance can be problematic. But caring too little as well! Are you sure it's out of self love that you are not caring? Or is there something else at play?

These are just some of the signs that you may not be tapping into your potential. Can you spot some in your own life? Let me know in a comment below.