What does success mean to you?

Do you feel you are successful?

I believe I am.

Prefer to read, check out the article on how to be successful in business and life.

And that's because I choose to feel successful.

I can find lots of evidence for it.

Success is a choice.

That doesn't mean I don't see plenty of evidence of why I'm NOT successful.

I see that too.​​

But these are simply the results I haven't achieved yet.

And even though I'm already successful I still want to go after those results as well.

In this week's episode discover how to be successful. I'll also share a 4 steps framework on how you can get the results you want in your life.

Listen to this week’s episode

Prefer to read, read the article: How to be successful.

What you’ll learn in this podcast

  • How to define success
  • How successful I am
  • How find out how successful you are
  • The True Potential framework (ABLE) to get the results that you want in your life

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Create a list of evidence of why you are successful. Then create a list of evidence where you believe you are not successful.

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