Awareness and the big why - how to find the purpose behind what you do - find your why

I teach a simple framework for confidence and business success, which is summarized by the word ABLE. (Find out more about this in my podcast on how to get successful in business and life.)

It stands for:

  • Awarenes
  • Belief
  • Lots of action
  • Evaluation

Today I want to dive a little deeper into the first step, the A: awareness.

Awareness actually stands for 2 important things you need to do as your first step

You need to become aware of your thoughts on a daily basis as they create your results. This is the key to getting the results you want. (find out more in this episode why you don't yet have what you want).

But it also stands for awareness of the reason you're in business in the first place.

You want to know your big why

That is important, because creating a successful business can be tough.

It’s challenging as your brain will keep telling you that you can’t do it:

  • That it’s too hard.
  • That you’re too tired to do this difficult task today and that you need a rest.
  • That others are doing something similar to you and that your work is not needed.

It’s in those moments that your Big Why will pull you through.

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Prefer to read, read the article: How to discover your personal why and your business why.

What you’ll learn in this podcast

  • Why a big why is important
  • How a big why will help you when you're stuck or feeling uncomfortable
  • How to discover your big why for yourself and your business
  • My big why and mission statements for my businesses

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Discover your big why by asking yourself repeatedly WHY.

Start with why you started your business?

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Awareness and the big why - how to find the purpose behind what you do - find your why